I’ve been certified…

I took my Oracle 10g exam this morning, to keep my Oracle Certified Professional status up to date, and managed to pass without too much drama. Updates on have been a bit thin on the ground recently as most spare time has been spent studying all the new stuff that’s arrived in 10g – I’d forgotten what it was like to revise for an exam!

Preparation wasn’t helped this morning by the dozy woman that ran into the back of me at A78/A71 roundabout. This is the third time that someone’s ran into the back of this particular car (since I’ve been driving it anyway) – you’d have thought it would be easy to spot a big red Volvo – and on each occasion it’s come through without so much as a scratch. The only noticeable difference today was that it had dislodged some of the dirt (really must give the car a clean this weekend) that had accumulated on the bumper. You have to admire the way they put the V70 together, when it happened to my old Rover (people do seem to enjoy running into the back of me, maybe I don’t drive fast enough?) the bumper practically fell off.

I’m jetting off to Stansted airport tomorrow morning to meet my boss for a performance review (can’t hurt having passed a 10g exam the day before) so it’s an early start for a 6:50am flight returning at 11:55am. I’ve also arranged to meet Darren tonight for a bit of snooker up at Renfrew – I’m 2-1 down in the series so need a good performance tonight to draw level…

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