Having ditched Outlook many moons ago in favour of Thunderbird the only thing that I’ve really missed since is the Calendar. Thunderbird is a much better email client (in my opinion) but has no Calendar – the new Lightning extension may address that it time, but it’s based on the Sunbird project which has been knocking around for a while now.

It’s early days yet for Lightning/Sunbird, but it terms of performance and functionality Sunbird has been going backwards over recent months and it’s hard to see when anything close to Outlook or iCal on Mac OS X is going to come out of the project.

All of which has left me looking round for an alternative solution – something based round the iCal standard that wouldn’t tie me to any particular operating system. Which is how I stumbled across 30boxes – a web based Calendar application, that’s been up and running for less than a month but already provides a front end that is light years ahead of Sunbird.

Your calendar is held remotely and updated/accessed through any web browser, but you can also connect to it using any client (including Sunbird) that supports remote Calendars – there are a few holes in the functionality, particularly around recurring events, but it can already do many things that the competition have trouble with.

It’s clearly the flavour of the month in Internet Land, and for anyone looking for a Calendar application to organise their life it’s definitely worth a look…

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