A Lovely Trip But a Sad Farewell

Just got back from Leeds and a good few days was had by all. As you can see from Steve’s earlier post, I nearly never made it to Leeds in the first place.

We managed to get on our way about 12.30pm – regardless of everyone fretting about me driving ‘all that way’ – and made it to leeds about 5pm, which was a miracle as I didn’t even get lost once. Laura and Andy came to the Hotel to meet us. We had a quick drink in the bar with Laura opening her belated birthday gifts and Megan getting a funshine bear (seeing as I manged to leave Andy Pandy behind…) from Auntie Laura.

We had dinner in the Hotel which was a carvery, and Andy thoroughy enjoyed helping himself to the potatoes! Megan thought Andy was brilliant and wouldn’t leave him alone, I told Laura that he was very hunky, he reminds me a bit of Steve (no jokes please!). Very good bloke indeed, played with Megan while Laura and I caught up on some gossip.

They left about 8pm as Megan was looking tired with a promise of meeting up the next morning. We went to our room where eventually at 8.50pm Megan finally gave into sleep, and so did I. I was wakened by Megan at 3.30am asking if it was morning yet! You can imagine my reply, she eventually went back to sleep an hour later and then woke at a very reasonable 8am.

We got dressed and had some breakfast then made our way to the swimming pool, where 2 hours later we were joined by Laura. We got ourselved dressed and headed out into Leeds town Centre where we met Pete for lunch. Megan was in her element with Pete, and we went shopping for a present from him for Megan’s birthday in March.

Pete was heading to Leicester for a couple of days before setting off on his travels so we had to say goodbye, which was very sad, but we are happy that he is doing something he has always wanted to do. He has promised to keep us updated on his adventures.

The girls spent the rest of the day walking around Leeds shopping Centres. Megan was getting tired so we headed back to the Hotel and Laura left us, as Megan said she wanted it to be just us two for dinner. We ordered some room service and Megan manged to eat it before falling asleep at 7.30pm. She woke up at 8pm coughing and splutering – caught it from me I’m afraid – but got her back to sleep an hour later. An hour after that, I was dozing off myself… Then boing! 6.30am Megan is bouncing around the room saying its light its morning time!!! argh!!! A quick turn on of the TV and she is quiet again.

I started packing and getting dressed and called Laura to say we were up and about. We had breakfast and loaded the car, checked out and waited on Laura. We had a drink and then said goodbye with the both of us in tears…….

Manged to take 3 wrong turns on the way home, Steve has no idea how I can possibly get lost coming home but not going to Leeds, but there you go.

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