Gramps Update

I’ve recently updated the gramps software we use to trace our family tree to the latest version (v2.0.9), and have been experimenting with the new reporting options.

The website generation has been improved, so that you now get a tree of ancestors displayed for each person – you can see for yourself by clicking on the our family tree link on the right. It’s definitely better but it’s still a bit hard to see the bigger picture.

For the bigger picture though there’s a new relationship graph, which renders all the people and their relationship to each other as an SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) image. This is actually quite impressive, but you will need support for SVG files to be able to view it – the latest release of the Firefox brower has native support but its a bit limited (no zoom facility).

You’re better off downloading the Adobe SVG Viewer plugin as that well let you zoom in to the image so you can actually read the details – it will work with both Internet Exporer and Firefox (provided you disable the native SVG support in Firefox).

For the more adventurous there’s the excellent Inkscape – an open source SVG editor which will run on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X – giving you the capability to edit the SVG if you’re that way inclined.

Once you’re SVG enabled you can click on the our family tree – svg link to the right to see the full tree and all the connections – there are currently over 300 people in the tree and all connected one way or another!

The first time we were able to generate the graph it highlighted a number of errors and omissions in the data we’d collected – we actually had two completely unconnected graphs thanks to a missing relationship, and several people that didn’t appear to be related to anyone.

We’ve fixed all those now and the graph is really quite fascinating – so much so that we’ve sent for some certificates to increase the coverage…

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