New Tyres for the Trip

The trip to Leeds nearly didn’t happen at all – I was checking the tyre pressures this morning and found a nail in each of the rear tyres. Both nails were close to the side wall of the tyre so there was no hope of a repair, and there didn’t seem to be a Kwik-Fit or Budget in the whole of Scotland with the right size of tyres to replace them.

Fortunately Kilmarnock Tyres & Exhausts came to the rescue, and fitted two new tyres for the same price (£138) that Kwik Fit would have charged for one (assuming that they had any). I think we might just be using Kilmarnock Tyres & Exhausts again…

Yesterday saw an upturn in results too with the Reds managing a 1-0 win at Wigan, although they were greatful for a goal from Sami Hyppia as the strikers drew a blank again. Almost at the same time as the Reds were getting back to winning ways, Clydesdale V were also grinding out a 1-0 win at a very wet and windy Battery Park in Greenock.

For those not in the know Battery Park at Greenock is right on the Firth of Clyde and is always wet and windy, but yesterday was just about as bad as it gets – the rain was driving sideways across the pitch for most of the game, and made flowing hockey very difficult. Not that we play flowing hockey even when the weather’s good…

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