Urgent Action

I’ve recently rejoined the Amnesty International Urgent Action Network and received the first request today.

Maria Aparecida Denadai, a lawyer working in the state of Espirito Santo, near Rio de Janeiro, has received death threats. It is feared that these threats may be linked to the killing of her brother, lawyer Marcelo Denadai, in 2002, as he was preparing to reveal evidence on political corruption in Espirito Santo state. Maria Aparecida Denadai may be in grave danger.

I’ve written my letter’s and faxed them off so let’s hope they have the desired effect.

On more mundane matter’s Uncle Pete’s visit was a big success all round, Megan was most upset when she discovered he really had gone home. Pete also managed to fit in a jaunt up Goat Fell on Arran on Saturday – obviously I would have joined him had I not been working on Southend’s migration (that’s my story anyway!). He’s uploaded some photos of Goat Fell and a windy Sunday morning on the beach at Ayr onto his Kodak Galleries account.

Went for a game of snooker in Renfrew with Darren last night, and was soundly beaten. Lost the first three frames hardly potting a ball, but managed to get it back to 3-2 before Darren won the last frame of the night. We’ll try a repeat in a week or two, down here if I can find a snooker hall locally.

There’s no migrations on this weekend (hurrah!) so it’s the first hockey game in months on Saturday – away for the fives at Auchenhowie. I’ll probably be regretting it come Sunday…

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