Uncle Pete and the SCART switch

Well the SCART switch arrived but its only a qualified success – it switches nicely between the DVD player and the Sky Box, but the Playstation doesn’t want to play. It’s not a proper SCART connection on the Playstation and the switch just doesn’t sense when there’s video to be displayed. Actually its worse than that because even if you convince it there is video, the TV can no longer lock on to the signal so it’s useless anyway – the only way to get a bit of gaming is to plug the Playstation straight into the TV.

Uncle Pete’s arriving tomorrow for the weekend, before he leaves the country for is globe trotting travels. He’s planning a jaunt up Goat Fell on Arran but judging by the weather he’ll be lucky if he can find Arran never mind climb a mountain – it’s been a bit driech today.

Angela went to see the architect today, and has going to submit the drawings for the extension to North Ayshire Council to see if we can get planning permission – we’re still not 100% sure on the layout but we’re close enough for it not to matter. Now we’ll just have to wait and see what they have to say about it all.

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