Happy New Year

Well it was back to work today, after a belting New Year in Matlock with the gang – Dave, Pete, Jim & Clare, Chris & Catherine and Rob & Sonali (plus Nigel and Heather at various points during the week!). The cottages were great, and the indoor pool was nicely heated and good way to start the day – particular when a late night was followed by an early morning call from Megan. The snow did its’s best to disrupt the start of the week, but it soon melted away and to be honest I think now I could do with another holiday to recover…

There’s been a bit of activity on the technology front as well – WordPress 2.0 has been released so I’ve just upgraded the blog to see how it looks. No obvious changes from the website side of things (still looks much as it did!) but the back end stuff (for writing posts etc) has been spruced up no end. A big improvement – will need to have a chat with Emma to see if she want’s her blog updating too.

Whilst I was at it the WeatherIcon plugin was updated too, new icons and a bit more detail are now shown – including sunrise and sunset times and the last time the information was udpated.

So you’ll be even better informed on the weather here in the frozen north 🙂

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