A most wonderful Christmas

A brilliant Christmas day began on Christmas eve with Nana & Grandad coming down to stay. We set the alarm clock for 7am, so we were up before Megan. We got everyone up and settled in the livingroom with camera’s at the ready. Steve eventually got her up at 7.45am and down she came to find all her presents, she was a bit overwhelmed by it all and she sat on the steps for a few minutes. Eventually she came in to see her Rock-a-bye Chou Chou and pram, she has been asking for them for about a month, so she was highly delighted. She opened a few presents but was soon “fed up”, so we had some breakfast and the adults opened theirs. Daddy got Mash DVD’s and Terminator 1,2 & 3 DVD’s, some books and Cd’s, a poker card shuffler and some beer. I got a Ipod nano and an Ibook, which I am currently using, so no more moaning at Steve to let me use the computer!

We got the Turkey in the oven and Aunt Elaine & Uncle Darren arrived quickly followed by Aunt Ina & Uncle Dennis, with the soup. Dinner was served at 2.30pm, with some yummy soup. Followed by turkey with all the trimmings plus beef and gammon joints. I had been worried there wasn’t enough food, but believe me there was enough to feed the whole street!

After lunch Megan wanted to open more presents, and got quite excited. We started playing with some of Megan’s games and after some knocking over of drinks and candles we had a really good time. Nana, Grandad, Aunt Ina and Uncle Dennis all left about 8pm, and we put Megan to bed.

After that, we opened some Champagne and then a bottle of Baileys. Elaine bailed out at 10pm, followed by Steve at 11pm and Darren and I stayed up till 12, until I couldn’t focus anymore.

Everyone agreed it was the best Christmas in a long time 🙂

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