We’re nearly there

Just two working days left to the Christmas break (thank goodness) – I’d taken Monday and Tuesday as leave, but it was spent tidying the house and clearing out a lot of Megan’s old toys to make way for the new stuff that’s surely going to arrive on Sunday. The charity shop in the village we’re very pleased to see us, and there’s still a couple of bags worth of clothes to be dropped off. Wasn’t much of a holiday anyway, and as I don’t seem to have managed a weekend this month the holidays can’t come soon enough!

The Christmas Do in Manchester went well last week though – I’m not sure I could cope with Chinese Karaoke at 3:00am every day of the week, and whilst I think we’d sobered up by Friday morning I think I’m still catching up on missed sleep.

Helen and Ryan are over from Canada at the moment and Angela and Megan are meeting up with them tomorrow – unfortunately I’m working so will be stuck in the house, but Megan’s getting excited at the prospect of seeing Ryan again (not sure Ryan’s going to be feeling quite the same way!).

Just been checking out the New Year holiday destination again, and I must say it looks a bit posher than we’re used to – we’ve booked two of the cottages at Mooredge Farm near Matlock, and they come with a shared swimming pool (hope it’s indoors!). As tradition dictates there will probably be slightly too many people for all the beds, but I’m sure we’ll work something out on the day…

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