A Big Bang

It’s been a hectic old week at the Bamber household, Dad’s been working on two big migrations this week which has meant late nights on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday – thankfully they’re both just about finished now without too much drama.

Angela managed a night out with the girls again on Thursday, and came home relatively sober in the early hours – although it was still poor old Dad that got up at the early to take Megan to nursery, despite an equally late night working on the migration (I’m looking for some sympathy here 😀 )

Liverpool extended their run of wins and clean sheets against Middlesborough on Saturday – they’ve equalled a club record of ten games without conceding a goal and now jet off to Japan for the World Club Championships (first game on Thursday).

The week has ended on a slightly surreal note however, the oil depot in Hemel Hempstead that’s currently burning like a big bright burny thing was around fifty yards from Northgate’s Head Office. To get an idea of just how close, this satellite photo shows the office circled in red – its fairly obvious where the oil depot is (or should that be was?).

Fortunately there were only a couple of members of staff in the building at the time and they’re both fine, but the building has basically been blown apart. Which means there’s around 700 Northgate employess with nowhere to work tomorrow, and also a big hole where an awful lot of servers used to be. There’s several customers that had managed servers hosted at the office and all the HR, payroll and other internal systems are presumably just a smouldering ruin.

I hope there’s a good disaster recovery plan in place or the next few weeks will likely be most interesting indeed…

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