A very COLD holiday!

When we left Seamill on Monday morning, the sun was shining and we just had t-shirts on. The further south we got the colder we got and by the time we reached Centre Parcs at 2.30pm, the fog was out and it was freezing! we had to buy fleece hats and gloves we were so cold. Everyone arrived safe and sound (apart from Nana and Grandad getting lost twice, around Centre Parcs!). We all had a very good time apart from the weather. We attempted to follow the treasure trail, but bailed out as Megan was fed up of walking, so we went swimming instead. Steve was in his element as Elaine wanted to go down all the slides and flumes, including the outside one, which they managed to convince me was a good idea to go down – and after nearly drowning, I am still alive to tell the tale. Some of us spent a lovely 3 hours in the Spa, including Mum and I swimming in the outside pool (yes we are harty Scots after all). We had some brilliant food and laughs along the way, inlcuding a visit to Aladdin the Panto. We did manage to get Megan to see Santa – she’s a bit frightened of him! and we went on a carriage ride, which was good fun.

All made up for a very good holiday, and as we merryly went on our way at 11.30am………..and eventually got home at 7.30pm! yes we were caught up in all the roadworks, accidents and the snow…..

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