No more work

It’s been a busy week, but Friday’s finally arrived so I’m officially on my holidays !

I’ve spent most of the week at South Ayrshire Council (three separate visits), with a trip to Aberdeen thrown in for good measure – yesterday was Aberdeen, and I was on the road at 6:30am and didn’t get home until past 11:00pm thanks to the weather, assorted roadworks and an accident that closed the M80 at Stirling last night. 😦

Megan and Angela have both been suffering this week with bad coughs – Megan sounds like she’s on a 40 a day, but was looking a bit brighter when I got home this evening. Lets hope it doesn’t curtail the fun at Center Parcs next week – Angela’s off to an Ann Summers party this evening, so no sign of it slowing her down…

Tomorrow there’s a boot sale at the Town Hall in West Kilbride, so it’s an early start to try and shift some of Megan’s old clothes, and then she’s been invited to a birthday party at the Community Centre in the afternoon.

Unlikely to be much blogging till after we get back from Center Parcs, but Emma seems to have been bitten by the bug so you’ll be able to catch up on all the exciting gossip from Down Under (its much more interesting than life in Seamill!).

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