A Sporting Weekend

Hockey this weekend was a cup game up in Dundee, so it was an early start for an 11:45 meet at Clydesdale, and then an hour and half drive up to the Dundee International Sports Complex (DISC). They’ve got a really good water based pitch there, unfortunately we were playing on the sand based one – which had been a little oversanded so it was more like a game of beach hockey 😦

We were always going to be up against it, playing a Menzieshill team that were much stronger than our blend of youth and experience! Already a goal down after 10 minutes one of our young lads was unceremoniously flattened by an overweight eejit playing up front for Menzieshill, landing badly on the dodgy pitch and breaking his left arm. With our captain having to leave to take the lad to Nine Wells hospital in Dundee, and our sub having not turned up earlier in the morning, that left us two men down and somewhat overrun. Seven goals down at half time the game was conceded and they lent us a couple of players to play the second half as a friendly.

Sunday morning was car washing time (turns out that Mum’s cars is actually black and Dad’s is supposed to be red), but Uncle Darren and Auntie Elaine phoned to see if we wanted to pay them a visit this afternoon (which we did). Darren and I went for a game of snooker, which ended a respectable 2-2 draw – we weren’t very good but since neither of us has played in ages I don’t think we did too bad. We’ll take the cues with us to Center Parcs next week and get a bit more practice. 🙂

We all went to the Brewer’s Fayre at the Phoenix in Linwood for tea, but Megan wasn’t feeling too well so we came home early. She’s got a bit of a sore tummy, which has apparently been doing the rounds at nursery. She’s snuggled on the sofa watching Maggie and the Ferocious beast just now, and says she’s feeling a bit better – we’ll have to see how she is in the morning…

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