More Disk Space

We’d managed to fill up the 120Gb disk in my Shuttle XPC with photos, videos and music so I ordered and new 200Gb Seagate Barracuda SATA drive from ebuyer for about £60.

It turned up yesterday, and after a brief hiatus whilst I worked out how to get in to the Shuttle case – had to remove the front cover and dvd drive to drop the new disk into the space for normally used for a floppy and then reassemble – its now installed and running like a charm. Gentoo spotted the new drive and loaded the appropriate kernel modules automatically (after I’d enabled the SATA controller in the BIOS) – Linux treats SATA drives as SCSI so the drive appeared as /dev/sda1.

A quick fdisk to create two partitions and we now have a 150Gb partition for the photos, videos and music and 50Gb to backup important stuff from the root disk. I’m using the quick and powerful rdiff-backup for the backups – it backs up changes to a 10Gb home area in under a minute.

Losing the root disk shouldn’t be as much of a disaster now, just have to hope we don’t lose them both at the same time – maybe one day i’ll buy a pair of 400Gb disks and just mirror them…

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