Eliza Crawford

We’ve discovered that George Sherratt (my maternal grandmother’s father) was born in Perrey Street, Runcon in 1873 – his parents being William Sherratt and Eliza Sherratt nee Crawford. My mum’s middle name was Crawford and the story was that there was some link to the Crawford family of biscuit fame (see Custard Creams and Bourbons) but it was never clear to anyone quite what the link was.

Eliza is the first Crawford to turn up in the family tree investigation, so has obviously become the center of attention. I’ve now sent for William and Eliza’s marriage certificate so we can continue back up the tree, unfortunately their ages both put their date of birth around 1837 – the start of civil registration – so there’s a chance we’ll have to resort to parish records for birth certificates.

A trawl through the 1871 census has thrown up the Sherratt family living at No. 16 Perrey Street – George obviously wasn’t around at this point but he doesn’t seem to be short of elder siblings. The cenus shows Louisa (10), James (8), Thomas (5), William (3) and Emma (6 months – strangely listed as a son!) all living with them along with a boarder going by the name James Crawford. We don’t know too much about James as yet, other than he’s aged 63 and a widower – there must be a fair chance it’s Eliza’s father, but until we get the wedding certificate we won’t know for sure.

The search for the biscuit millions looks like it my prove fruitless however, as his occupation is simply given as labourer – not wealthy biscuit baron… 😀

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