Scarecrow Festival

Things are still a bit hectic and are only likely to get worse over the next few weeks, but we did manage a relatively normal weekend for the first time in a while.

Saturday was the annual Scarecrow Festival in West Kilbride – I’m not sure if you can count a village full of scarecrows normal – but Megan had a ball, and mum was very busy selling tea and cakes to raise funds for the nursery.

Sunday involved a bit of gardening and a new storage box from B & Q to keep all Megan’s garden toys in – make’s the place look a bit tidier than it normally does.

We also got a phone call in the afternoon from someone looking to buy my Dad’s car. He came down last night and after a test drive and good poke round offered £900 for it. A bit less than we were asking for, but as we’ve not exactly been swamped by offers it seemed like a good deal.

One thought on “Scarecrow Festival

  1. Hi I was in Pennsylvania USA in September and visited a place called Peddlers Village which hosts a Scarecrow Festival every year. I took a load of photographs and also brought a brochure which I thought might be of interest to you. My telephone number is 01475 520617 if you are interested in this please give me a call

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