Omid Sheikhan

The Committe to Protect Bloggers has an online petition calling for charges to be dropped against jailed Iranian blogger Omid Sheikhan.

Click through to the links with more information on his case and offer your support if you agree with the cause.

Elizabeth Ann Ashcroft

Now that we’ve tracked William Holmes, my dad’s maternal grandfather, and his family back as far as Mostyn in North Wales it’s time to dig a bit further down a different branch.

We know that William Holmes married Elizabeth Ann Ashcroft, my dad’s maternal grandmother, in 1897 and that she was born in 1873 to Thomas Ashcroft and Ann Colquitt – but not much more than that.

Time to send for some birth certificates to find out more…

NatWest Series

A rather one sided start to the NatWest series saw England beat Bangladesh by 10 wickets – only the second time England have managed to win a one day international without losing a wicket.

Can’t help feeling the first match against the Aussies on Sunday will be a bit more competetive…

Global Voices

For a different perspective on what’s actually going on in the world take a look at the Global Voices website.

To quote them ‘Global Voices is an international effort to diversify the conversation taking place online by involving speakers from around the world, and developing tools, institutions and relationships to help make these voices heard.’

If that doesn’t make any sense (and it doesn’t to me!) take a look for yourself…

Twenty20 Ashes

England and Australia play the first international match of this Ashes summer with a Twenty20 match at the Rose Bowl in Hampshire this evening.

It’s the first international Twenty20 match to be played in this country, and probably won’t have much bearing on the Test series which starts next month, but should still be entertaining.

If it doesn’t rain…