Elizabeth Ann Ashcroft

Now that we’ve tracked William Holmes, my dad’s maternal grandfather, and his family back as far as Mostyn in North Wales it’s time to dig a bit further down a different branch.

We know that William Holmes married Elizabeth Ann Ashcroft, my dad’s maternal grandmother, in 1897 and that she was born in 1873 to Thomas Ashcroft and Ann Colquitt – but not much more than that.

Time to send for some birth certificates to find out more…

3 thoughts on “Elizabeth Ann Ashcroft

  1. This link may interest you:


    I just came across it by accident. Joseph Washburn was my Great – Great Grandfather and it appears they were living in his house. I am fairly sure one of his children married someone named Ashcroft but they aren’t all listed there. My great grandfather is listed, he married Ellen Hartshorn. I have more information on paper, Zillah isn’t listed and a few others.

    I hope that is useful.

  2. Hi, I’ve just started exploring my partner’s Ashcrofts, which include a stack of Elizabeths. He also has Holmes in his Tree, from Kent. His Ashcrofts came from Stepney where Jane Ashcroft (b. 1800) married James Thomas in 1822 & produced a family of children including George Ashcroft Thomas, William Ashcroft Thomas plus Henry, Ebinezer, Mary Jane, Eliza and Jane. These names have been carried on from the previous generation in her family, where brothers & sisters were Henry, Charles Ebenezer, William, Elizabeth and Susannah. The Ashcrofts in London were easy to group and trace at first with the help of the IGI and I’ve been able to make some family groups with the clear info on father/mothers’ names at Christenings. However, the Ashcroft link quickly ran out in London and the only marriage of a George Ashcroft & Ann Parker to be the parents of my definite William Ashcroft, took place in Cheshire. Why William and his siblings were all born in London when their parents came from Cheshire is a mystery! Cheshire seems to be the origin of many Ashcrofts and looks very difficult to figure out. Have you got any links to this mob of Ashcrofts in Northenden, Cheshire that include the names George, Henry, William, Ebenezer, Jane & Elizabeth?

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